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5 Playful Ways To Stay Engaged With Your Fitness Routine

5 Playful Ways To Stay Engaged With Your Fitness Routine
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We know you want to get fit. It's important to you and it will help you live a longer and more energetic life. Yet, unless you've developed a passion for it, sometimes keeping yourself engaged in a fitness routine can be somewhat uninteresting. We certainly wouldn't know anything about that (hehe) but we can sympathize with you. Therefore, we'd like to show you 5 playful ways you can keep yourself engaged with your fitness routine!

  1. Water Yoga - Maybe you're big on yoga, but you'd like to switch it up a notch. Getting involved in water yoga will truly help you feel like one with - everything. Water yoga can add to the relaxation to help you truly meditate on yourself. 

  2. Water Aerobics - Another way of using water for your fitness benefit is water aerobics. Anything from a general swim to water sports of any kind, water aerobics helps to work out every part of your body and lets you feel free to move in many ways.

  3. Jogging Groups - Sometimes going it alone on the road is boring or lonely. In a world dominated by social media, it's nice to be able to get together with likeminded individuals who share their love for fitness. Use this time to talk it out and get closer to other people. Group walks, jogs, etc are a great way to keep yourself motivated and in the game!

  4. Pole Dancing - I know, you're not in your early 20s or if you are... no, just no. Pole dancing has been seen so often as synonymous with something that occurs privately inside a bedroom or certain...clubs... but bottom line is pole dancing is a phenomenal way to work on your core. It highly stresses the abdomen, builds arm and leg strength and makes you perfectly flexible. You don't need to do it for any reason other than working on yourself - and it's a great and inventive way of doing it.

  5.  Ballet - From tutus to gliding across a stage floor on your tippie-toes, ballet is more than pink frills, it's physical conditioning at its finest. It's not for women, it's for women AND men. Many football players are assigned to ballet to work on their flexibility and people by the droves participate for the same reason. While ballet is no hip-hop or contemporary, the actions and moves themselves make it an inventive way to keep yourself going and having fun on your fitness journey.

Do you agree with our list? COMMENT below and let us know what you would add to it? 

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