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Top 5 Healthy New Years Resolution Tips For The Fitness Lifestyle

Top 5 Healthy New Years Resolution Tips For The Fitness Lifestyle
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It's almost that time again! Another year to say farewell and a new year to try keeping our promises for a better life! While many look at New Years Resolutions as a joke, this doesn't have to be for your healthy living! You should always work towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Fortunately, as long as you adhere to your commitments and can put a little elbow grease and discipline into the mix, you can welcome the new year with a fresh and renewed sense of priority. 

Here's some tips we have that can help you keep to your resolutions to a better fitness lifestyle: 

  1. Remove Negative Self-Talk: Most people fail at keeping their New Years Resolutions because they themselves or someone else would say something to belittle their commitment. Don't joke around with your resolution, take it seriously and remove any speak that could discourage you. 

  2. Fear Not The Intricate Details: All you know when it comes to the fitness lifestyle is that you MUST count calories, weigh yourself everyday, and eat only foods you hate. WHO would stick with that regiment? You don't have to make your fitness experience something to dread - most of the battle is in the little steps... and it doesn't have to suck. 

  3. See The End Result, Today: You're likely to give up if when you look in the mirror, all you see is how you look right now. Start looking with a new set of eyes. Visualize the end result. See who you truly are and acknowledge that as the real you! When you create the vision, you will be more enthusiastic about working to make it happen. 

  4. Make Small Goals & Deliver On Them: Many get overwhelmed by the bigger picture. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep...Remember? When you complete a smaller goal, it will excite and encourage you to setup another small goal to complete - and so on. Before you know it, you'll be able to look back and realize just how far you've really gone. And it'll be so sweet! 

  5. Do NOT Compare Yourself To Others: This is a huge pitfall. Now, there's two sides of this... On one hand, you can see people you admire and would like to model yourself after. It can help with goal setting and if you have a poster of that person on your wall, that could help visualize where you want to end up... However, if you find yourself comparing your arms, legs or other body parts with said person and become depressed by it - that's a clear warning sign. Don't spend time comparing... Spend time visualizing and taking action!

Always remember that it takes one simple action to begin your journey. Don't belittle the importance of starting a new year with a promise to improve your way of living. That should always be our goal. Just do it with a confident and excited mindset, knowing who you WILL become in the near future because of who you are NOW... and you will be on the path to successful living!


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