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Here's 3 Tricks To Relieve Back Pain Due To Sitting

Here's 3 Tricks To Relieve Back Pain Due To Sitting
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You know what I'm talking about. Sitting in your office chair 8 hours per day, 5 days of the week. Chances are, you're probably sitting on your butt when you get home too.

It's only a matter of time before you start to experience some back pain.

Well, if going to the chiropractor every week is becoming a bit expensive (and it will), you can always treat your symptoms right from home - and it's called exercise!

But wait, there's one particular move that sits above the rest for those who's backs are constantly feeling the pain due to prolonged sitting.


Yeah, that's right - squats. Squatting. Half-sitting. Whatever else you can call it. Squatting is one of the best exercises you can do for your back's health.

Why? Because to be honest, squatting is very natural. Yet sadly, we here in the states hardly ever do them.

What do I mean? Well, it all goes back to biology: In nature, we squat to improve circulation and compression, which produces a synovial fluid between our joints. Think of it like oil in metal. The only way this fluid is produced is through - you guessed it, squatting, aka, movement and compression of the joints.

I may get a little gross here for a minute, but think about it: There's a product that's out right now which answers the need to relieve thousands of Americans struggling with constipation... What is it called, again? Oh yeah, the squatty potty.

The squatty potty brings us to our rightful position which gives our internals the most open passageway to relieve ourselves.

We need to squat more.

Squatting has been a major part of society... Well, moreso in other countries compared to America. Think about prayer or meditation. Squatting is a move we should all be acustomed to but yet we don't do it enough if ever.

In fact, I know squatting is the worst part of my daily exercise. I never look forward to squats... do you?

But, the jury is out - squatting will help improve your back health.

Here's 3 tricks you can implement TODAY to help you improve your back pain through squatting:

  1. Get An Exercise / Stability Ball For Your Chair - You've probably seen some people at the office sitting like this already. If not, you may just need to be the first. ( Here's a really good one we recommend. ) These stability balls are great for prolonged sitting as you're not relying on laying back or sitting in awkward positions. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first, but once muscle memory kicks in, you'll wonder how you could have sat in anything else and be so productive. 

  2. Bed Squats - Before you even get up from the day, you can throw off those covers and do some squats while on your back. It's like a sit-up on both ends: You lift your shoulders and your waist and repeat this for at least 10 - 20 reps, or however many you think you can do. 

  3. 4 Minute Wall Squats - If you work in the metropolitan area and you rely on public transportation... or if you can gather 4 minutes anywhere to do this, you can just lean up against the wall, get into a seated position and just... squat. Do this a few times for 4 minutes and you're good for the day. 
Remember the key here is not how much you do, but the consistency in which you do it. Your body doesn't care if you can do 20 or 40 reps... It cares that it's getting the movement it needs to keep going and produce the right fluids.

So for the sake of your back (and your colon... thanks, SquattyPotty), start squatting!


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