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How to Stay Active Throughout the Day

How to Stay Active Throughout the Day
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How to Stay Active Throughout the Day

I’m guessing you spend too much time sitting idle every day and want to break out of that habit.  You’re not alone, most of us get into our daily routine which requires way more sitting than exercise and end up neglecting our body.  You sit in your car on the way to work, at your office, on the couch when you get home, the list can truly be endless. We know there are benefits to being more active but a lot of us struggle finding the time to exercise.  Here are a few ways to keep your body moving without dedicating hours of your time to the gym.  


We all have somewhere to be just about every day.  Whether it’s work, running errands, meeting friends, life can get pretty busy.  Instead of driving around the parking lot that extra minute to find a spot up front, go park in the back of the lot and walk that little extra.  Even if that just adds 100 extra steps per destination, they add up! There are many affordable pedometers on the market that will track your daily steps, these will motivate you to take that extra walk and reach your daily step goals! 


Work is where most of us are most idle.  We get to work, sit down at our desk, and rarely move throughout the entire day.  If you can get a standing desk, I’d highly recommend it. If you cannot, just remember to get up at least once an hour to keep your blood moving.  Experts estimate that a person standing will burn about 50% more calories than someone sitting. Just an extra hour or two standing every day will add up and make a big difference!  

Use the Stairs

If you live or work on the 2nd or 3rd floor every day and find yourself taking the elevator, think again and take the stairs.  You burn on average ½ calorie per stair climbed. That doesn’t seem like much, but it will add up fast.  Turn it into a game, count the stairs as you climb, divide by two, and you can get immediate satisfaction knowing you just burned 10, 20, or however many calories, right then and there.  Again, this is a small change made to your daily life that will help you feel better and doesn’t take up any extra time.


Cleaning is one of my favorite ways to stay active.  Everybody loves a clean home and cleaning provides a full body workout.  You use your arms, legs, back, so many muscles to clean your house. So turn on some music get cleaning!  If you schedule yourself 30 minutes every week to clean your house, you will feel so much happier in your living space and get a good full body workout in as well.  

Exercise while watching TV

This is the area I struggle in most.  I get home exhausted from work and just want to sit down and watch TV for the rest of the night.  Don’t fall into this habit! You can still watch TV, but instead of sitting on the couch, spend 5 minutes doing pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, really anything that will keep you active.  

These are all really small things you can do without changing your current schedule to keep your body active and feeling good.  If it seems like too much, just start with one of these options for a week. You’ll realize how easy it was to integrate into your daily life that you will be ready to add another.  After about a month you will have integrated all of these small changes into your life and will be looking for more.  


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