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Leggings and your Phone

Leggings and your Phone
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Leggings and your Phone

Women don’t use their pockets right?  Women’s pockets are too tight. Nothing will fit.  It will be uncomfortable. Women don’t need pockets because they carry everything in their purse.  


I personally couldn’t have been more excited when I got my first pair of leggings with pockets.  I constantly ran into the issue of wanting to just carry my phone with me (not my purse) anytime I was active but not having anywhere to put it.  Whether it was going to the gym, on a walk, a hike, or just hanging out with friends. While working out I even tried one of those lame Velcro arm bands that holds your phone.  It was so uncomfortable and so unfashionable. Never again.  


The greatest invention ever!  Now I can listen to music, an audio book, or even just have my phone on me at all times.  It’s also come in handy while I travel, because I refuse to wear anything but leggings while I travel.  See a few of my favorite leggings with pockets below:



If you think it would be more comfortable to hold your phone in the back of your sports bra, check out this product below:




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