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About The FitAddicts Store

We are the FitAddicts Store and we provide various products for the health and fitness crowd. Whether you're a hobbyist or lifestyle user, you can browse our products for some of the best ways to dress up and represent your love for fitness and health! 

Our goal is to provide healthy alternatives and lifestyle choices from fashion to accessories as well as blog articles and videos that show great tips.

We as FitAddicts Store have a mission to soon become a company that creates jobs for people with disabilities who are unable to acquire a traditional job. Once we reach our first goal of bringing in consistent income potential, we will expand our employee based to great these opportunities. We hope to do this through sales and investments / contributions / donations to our cause. 

FitAddicts Store aims to educate and provide fashion choices in the fitness industry. Future products in our line-up will include a fully custom branded clothing line and a video series with easy-to-follow workout routines you can incorporate anywhere. To become notified of these future products and services, please subscribe to our email list:

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